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  3. i really need help with completing this lab thanks...

Question: i really need help with completing this lab thanks...

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I really need help with completing this lab! THANKS
2. Why do we not need to determine the exact vol of water needed to make the solution with lume the KHP in the standardization titration? 3. What is the difference between the end point and the equivalence point of a titration? Will tm h. 4. When a 13.62 mL volume of vinegar is used in a titration exactly like the one you will perform today, it is found that 27.93 ml of 0.150 M NaOH is needed to reach the equivalence point. a. Calculate the moles of NaOH added in this titration. 1.18quXlo 5 b. Calculate the moles of CH,COOH in the vinegar sample. iooo 13.6a c. Calculate the Molarity of CH,COOH in the vinegar solution. d. Calculate the moles of CH,COONa produced in this reaction. e. the Molarity of the CH COONa produced in this titration before any CHcooT reacts with water. 13.62.122 HI ss nl 4.19 XLO 0.10 f Calculate the Molarity of CH,COO produced in this titration, assuming that CH,COONa dissociates completely in water, but before any CH,COO reacts with water. D. 1000 Calculate the pH ofthis titrated solution at the equivalence point. (Use the back of this page if necessary.) o too 115
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