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Question: i the supplier with greatest variation is j 75...

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1. You are analyzing a series of parts provided by supplier A. Each unit is subjected to a 15 ampere current and the time to failure was observed. The following table includes the data obtained: 46 45 47 51 46 50 45 45 49 50 45 40 32 46 48 49 47 49 a) Find the ordered stem-and-leaf diagram for the data. The fifth order statistic is b) The first order statistic is: The twentieth order statistic is: Its value is: c) The median is in position: e) The range of the data is: f) The interquartile range is: g) For this data,y1Xi=929,2%|xf=43,559. Th and erefore, x- 2 The same analysis was done for parts provided by supplier B. For said supplier, the following summary statistics were obtained: Q1 - 39.5, Q3 -44.5, median - 42. The minimum value was 37 and the range was 11. Draw the box plot for the time to failure for both suppliers and answ the following questions. h)

i) The supplier with greatest variation is: _______________________

j) 75% of the parts from supplier B have a time to failure greater than: _____________________

k) The greatest time to failure observed for supplier B is: ________________________

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