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I think that it's extremely important that ANYONE going into medicine would benefit from this class, especially a medical assistant. Medicine has a language of its own and helps communicate with other medical staff, avoid error, and improve overall care when working with patients. As we read, clarification is paramount in this field and it's easy to mix up a letter or two... studying this material reminds you that we must be punctual when addressing medical terms because it could be life or death as you continue your career. We learned about the four parts: prefix, suffix, combining vowel, and root word. Together they are just the formula to create the extensive language of medicine; each part is merely a building block for this language. Having said that, it sounds simple but shouldn't be underrated at all... these pieces are vital to success and proper comprehension. Flashcards work great for a lot of people but for me I think practical use helps me the most. I run scenarios/examples from other sites to practice, real-life connections are most beneficial for me. Another way I do this is whenever I watch a medical show I practice my terminology while watching it... if you recall a scene from Grey's Anatomy or House and connect your material to it, I find it sticks longer. Constant repetition doesn't always do the job. Anyone else feel this way? Do you find it hard to study with flash cards? Do you have any real-world connections that helps material studying?


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