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Question: i want mathematical solution for g and h not how...

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I want mathematical solution for (g) and (h) not how to solve it

TASK 1 a2.0 Figure 1 Figure 1 shows the curve ybetween -1 and2. Two rectangles have been formed: CDQP (known as the upper rectangle) and ABQP (known as the lower rectangle). Choose any value for a) Find the area of each rectangle t21 Page 2 af 4
Figure 2 Figure 2 shows the same curve over the same interval but this time it has been divided into two sections and there are now two upper rectangles (LMRP and TUQR) and two lower rectangles (STRP and XYQR). b) Find the area of both upper rectangles and add them c) Find the area of both lower rectangles and add them d) Use Excel to divide the interval between P and Q into more together. I3 1 together 3 ] sections and find the sum of upper rectangle areas and the sum of lower rectangles areas. What do you notice? I S J e) Find the value of dx 13] f) Compare your answer to part [e] to that of part [d. 9) Explain why your ansners to parts (d) and le] are connected 4 h) Suggest to what the series in part (d] is converging. E 11
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