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Question: i was wondering about how to correctly set up this...

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I was wondering about how to correctly set up this argument to be valid in a fitch formal proof with the correct rules
If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.
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tem, named proofs in F is therefore called Fita are using the system F, but not the If you skipped the You try it sections, go back and do them now. Submit the files Proof Identity 1 and Proof Ana Con 1 this 2.16 Use Fitch to give a formal version of the infortmal proof you gave in Exercise 2.5. Remerbe you will find the problem setup in the file Exercise 2.16. You should begin your n the following ezercises, use Fitch to construct a formal proof that the conclusion is a the premises. Remember, begin your proof by opening the corresponding file, Exercise 2x, and save solution as Proof 2x. We re going to stop reminding you 2.18 Between(a, d, b SameCol(a, d) Between(c, d, e) 2.19 2.20 RightOf(b,c) Smaller(a, b) Smaller(b,c) Smaller(a, c) LeftOf(d, e) You will need to use Ana Con in proof. This proof shows that the pr cate Smaller in the blocks language is LeftOf (c, e) Make your proof parallel the info proof we gave on page 52, using both an identity rule and Ana Con (when necessary). be th th CHAPTER 2
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