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I watched the children play until I was able to connect a child with their parent. I observed a little girl who was able to speak several two-word sentences, run without falling and point at objects whom I assumed was about 3 years old. She was diligently watching another little boy climbing up a triangle shaped book structure. After the little boy had slid to the other side of the book, she began trying to climb it as well several times without accomplishment. After several attempts, I noticed she began trying to pull the other little kids that were besides her as if out of her way. The other kids were bigger than her and would just stare at her and out of nowhere she just started crying. She was hysterical and her mother got up from the sitting area and grabbed her hand, kneeled and told whispered something that made the little girl stop crying. I was too far to know what she told her, but because of the mother’s facial expressions and the child’s fast response to stop crying I assumed the little girl knew that she would be punished if she wouldn’t stop crying. The mother’s face was straight and upset and even after the child had stopped crying there was no change in appearance. The mother took the little girl by her hand and sat her next to herself without even looking at her. After about four minutes of them both being silent and still, the little girl began to slide of the seat and take a couple steps toward the play area, but the mother quickly rose her eyebrow and pointed to the seat. The little girl obediently followed to sit down again. Here, I determined the mother didn’t try to talk to the little girl and tell her something about her behavior, instead she remained silent and expected the same from the little girl. From my observation I found this parent’s parenting style to be authoritarian.  The mother clearly set her ground and her strategy of discipline was punishing the little girl for her tantrum by having her sit out and watch the other children play. She didn’t show any sign of affection and in my opinion was too strict.

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