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Question: i would have thought the solution of a1x would be...

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Chapter 1, Section 1.3, Question 12 Consider the differential equation-p( consider the differential equation.. kx)2-«Oy+ar(-)-0 x )|-q( x )y λγ( x )y = 0, λ constant cor start Your answer is partially correct. Try again. (a) By a suitable choice of n, match the given differential equation with the general form ao (x)y) +ai (x) ao, a\ , ..an and g(x) +-....a. (x)y- g(x) and find the coefficients The coefficients are: ao(x)- p(x) Click here to enter or edit your answer ai(x)-

g(x) -

回correct. (b) Check whether the given differential equation is homogeneous or nonhomogeneous. ▼ | Th e differential equation is homogeneous Click if you would like to Show Work for this question: Open Show Work SHOW HINT SHOW SOLUTION LINK TO TEXT

I would have thought the solution of a1(x) would be 0 however it requires the answer to be in the form of _'(_)

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