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  3. i would only need help with problem 95a thank you...

Question: i would only need help with problem 95a thank you...

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I would only need help with problem 9-5A!! Thank you again!:)
roblem s-A calculating depreciation-partial perlods LO2,3 eXcel CHECK FIGURES: DDB 2014 $110,400 West Coast Tours runs boat tours along the West Coast of British Columbia. On March 5, 2017, it pur- chased, with cash, a cruising boat for $828,000, having a useful life of 10 years or 13,250 hours, witha residual value of $192,000. The companys year-end is December 31. 652
by completing a sched- ation expense for the fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 ule with the following headings (round to the nearest whole dollar): Depreciation Method Double-Declining-Balance Year Units-of-Production Straight-Line t Depreciation is calculated to the nearest month. 2 Assume actual hours of service were 2017, 720: 2018, 1.780: 2019, 1.535. Analysls Component: If you could ignore the matching principle, how could you record the purchase of the boat? What impact would this have on the financial statements in the short and long term? Problem 9.5A Calculating depreciation-partial perlods LO2,3eXcel CHECK FIGURE: DDB 2019 $119,232 Refer to the information in Problem 9-4A. Redo the question assuming that depreciation for partial peri- ods is calculated using the half-year convention.
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