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IC GoTmaice patterns of the traits? b) What are the genotypes of are the map distances between the linked genes cach parental group? Which, if any, of the genes are linked? What 3) (12 pts) Male C. elegans expressing the recessive mutations I (long). r (rolling) t (touch insensitive), and u (uncoordinated) are crossed to phenotypically wild-type females. The phenotypes of the 3288 F2 progeny are shown below 653 uncoordinated, long, rolling, touch insensitive long, rolling, touch insensitive 670 675 wild type 655 uncoordinated 73 uncoordinated, long 71 long 73 uncoordinated, rolling, touch insensitive 74 rolling, touch insensitive 88 uncoordinated, long, rolling 83 long, rolling 85 uncoordinated, touch insensitive 84 touch insensitive 1 uncoordinated, long, touch insensitive 1 long, touch insensitive 1 uncoordinated, rolling 1 rolling a) Diagram the genotype of the female parent. b) Map the loci (i.e., determine the position and map distances among the genes). c) Is there evidence of interference? Justify your answer with numbers.

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