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Identify and describe skin structures

Exercise 7 ceVWeel 4 due Exercise 7 PART I. Check Your Understanding Activity 1: Identifying and Describing Skin Structures I. Identify the components of skin in the 0549 nolermis 3-List the that is absent in thin skin five epidermal layers in thick skin from superficial to deep. Circle/highlight the layer 2. 5.
Exercise 7 or each of the following characteristics, indicate whether it describes apocrine (A) or eccrine (E) sweat glan a. Are found primarily in the groin and axillae b. Function primarily in temperature regulation c. Are located deep in the dermis d. Have ducts that empty into hair follicles e. Open onto the skin surface f. Are located across most of the body surface Activity 2: Examining the Histology of the Skin 1. Match each of the following tissue types with a location in which it is predominant. a. keratinized stratified squamous epithelium b. areolar tissue c. adipose d. dense irregular connective tissue I. papillary layer of dermis 2. Hypodermis 3. Epidermis 4. reticular layer of dermis 2. Melanocytes are found in which epidermal layer? a. b. stratum corneum. C. d. stratum spinosum. stratum granulosum. stratum basale. stratum lucidum.
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