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Question: identify the maths concepts and skills in the activitiesandnbspthis activity...

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Students develop mathematical vocabulary based around time, position, location and direction. Where students develop appropriate mathematical skills needed to create and interpret maps through analysing and interpreting routes between specific locations and using mobile application to unfold a wealth of knowledge so that students' can use trial and error to problem solve and apply to real life situations

Bloom’s Taxonomy 

Utilisation enables for lifting  and changing the learning experience to be hands on, fun, interactive, creative and appealing. Using Bloom’s taxonomy provides a guide for teachers to see how the activities activates student’s mathematical understanding, skills, and knowledge through developing students’ mathematical fluency, reasoning, problem, higher order and critical thinking. Which reinforces that students are able to inquire, explore, investigate and create. In more depth to achieve the below



The use of ICT has become the new norm for how we live our lives, everywhere we go the use of technology is involved.

Being able to use ICT resources in the classroom encourages the students to explore and engage in new ways of learning.  


For the teacher, ICT in the classroom can positive impact to how the learning is achieved. ICT allows the teacher to produce and modify resources quickly and easily. It allows access to a wide range of information in various formats, and interactive whiteboards (IWBs) which have become essential tools in the classroom.

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