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Ienember this from the unit opener? u ege posterior scapular rgion, 3 centimeters lateral to the wertebral region, 4 centimeters Son, and penetrated deep to the muscle and bone, but superficial to the parietal pleura Now its your turn to co diernt anatomical terms you have used to describe a bullet wound. Assume that you have a victim with three gunshot wounds. In this scenario your victim will be your rso model that your instructor has shot. For each bullet wound, describe the location of the ree directional terms and as many regional terms as possible, following this example. As coroner Pecine as possible, and dont forget to keep your patient in anatomical position. Shot 2 Shot 3

C. Label the diogram below using the structures listed. In addition, select the combining form(s) for each structure. STRUCTURES cheeks gums hard palate lips soft palate teeth tongue tonsils uvula COMBINING FORMS 1. bucc/o 2. cheiVo, labvo 3. palat/o 4. palat/o 5. uvul/o 6 gloss/o, lingu/o 7. tonsil/o 8 gingivio 9. denti, odont/o Rugae Type your answer below 1. 2. 3. 4 Pharynx Papillae 2 6. 8. 9.

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