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If you could please read the "Product Safety in Brazil" and identify what kind of position you would take using the "6 Approaches." So for each approach, I am curious what your take would be after reading the article and taking that perspective. What would guide your process in ethically making the right decision on that approach?
Purpose of the assignment The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in Applying ethics principles and theories of cognitive moral development as ethical decision-making tools Clear and concise business writing equirements In essay format, please analyze the case Product Safety in Brazil (textbook pp. 277-278) using each of the 5 approaches to moral reasoning below: 1) Approach 1: Pre-conventional moral reasoning 2) Approach 2: Conventional moral reasoning. Be sure to specify relevant conventions that will influence your decision the group to which those conventions belong relevant duties that you would consider i.e. what is the duty and to whom do you have that duty? a) b) c) 3) Approach 3: Post-conventional utilitarian reasoning- what are the relevant consequences 4) Approach 4: Post-conventional rights-based reasoning - what rights might be relevant to the 5) Approach 5: Post-conventional justice-based reasoning - in the case, which benefits and 6) Approach 6: Kantian reasoning and how would you weigh them in a utilitarian analysis? case and how would they influence your decision in a rights-based analysis? harms are to be distributed and how can they be most fairly distributed? What universal law(s) would you apply in this situation? Clearly state the universal law(s) or rules that would guide your decision-making in decision and explain laws/rules as necessary. Describe the actions that you would take in the specifie situation based on the universal law. Explain how the action embodies the universal law and how it achieves the Kantian imperative to treat human dignity as an end and not as a means. the b) Writing Your paper should have approximately 6 paragraphs, approximately one for each approach. The section on each approach should be identified with a heading and cover the following A. Describe in your own words the type of moral reasoning (ie. pre-conventional, conventional, rights, utilitarian, or justice) State what information from the case you would consider in analyzing the situation from that perspective. E.g B. Which parties in the case did you take into consideration when using this approach? Clear identify any conventions, rights, harms and benefits, issues of faimess you would take into consideration when using this approach Explain how the information would affect your reasoning using the given approach o o

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Product Safety in Brazil Your U.S. company has started producing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in Brazil for selling in the South American market. The companys strategy is to build a presence and market share in Brazil before moving to other countries. In your first international assignment, the company has appointed you the manager of the manufacturing plant. The sales staff is Brazilian. After a year on the job, the manufacturing plant is running smoothly and sales are starting to grow. You are confident that this assignment will be a major career boost and, when you return to the U.S., you will receive a substantial promotion and salary raise. Late one afternoon, Marcus Alves, your head of marketing, comes to your office. He tells you how happy he is to work for the company but he is worried that sales growth is slowing and if that continues the company may abandon its Brazilian nvestment. He tells you, The real problem is that prices are a bit too high for the

STAKEHOLDERS Brazilian market. He and the sales force have been discussing the problem and cone up with an idea to cut manufacturing costs that can lower the price to a more affordable level. Alves suggests that you abandon the four-wheel version of the ATV and produce a three-wheel version like the company did in the 1980s. You could save money by no having an extra wheel and the associated suspension, and the ATV would probably e lighter and go faster-something your target market of younger men would like. You remind Alves that the industry stopped producing three-wheelers because tey caused so many accidents and deaths. He counters, noting, Its perfectly legal in Brazil to sell these vehicles. All we would need to do is put a warning labe encourage people to wear helmets. You know that wearing helmets is no popular among your customers, but he presses: We need this to survive need the jobs, and peop

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