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Question: ignore my work cause its probably wrong how would you...

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Ignore my work cause it’s probably wrong. How would you do this?

Abbe Bnen What Makes a Good Problem? A good problem should include some of these attributes The solution to the problem involves a distinct mathematical concept or skill. The problem can be generalized or extended to a variety of situations. The problem lends itself to a variety of solutions. 1. 2. 3. Example Problems: Locker Doors The new school has exactly 1,000 lockers and exactly 1,000 students. On the first day of school, the students meet outside the building and agree on the following plan: The first student will enter the school and open all the lockers. The second student will then enter the school and close every locker with an even number (2, 4, 6, 8, The third student will then reverse every third locker. That is, if the locker is closed, it will be opened; if the locker is open, it will be closed. The fourth student will reverse every fourth locker, and so on until all 1,000 students in turn have entered the building and reversed the proper lockers. Which lockers will finally remain open? alm ーーーゴ曲面窗奇憶圈 ,1.8, 13, , 11, 8,14, 20,23 4C1,3, lo, 3 is, 16, , 18, 11, 20/23 18, 1, 21 23 ,12, 13, 14, I5 4, 12, 13, 1, 15, 17,814, al, 23,3 4, 313 녀
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