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2. Describe in words the region of IR3 represented by cach inequality. a) -33 b) 2s 16. Practice problems: (10.2) 3-27 (odds) Hand in: 3. Let a 31 + J and b i +2] a) Draw the vectors a and b and use them to draw 2a and a + b b) Find lal, Ibl, and Ta+ b 4. Find the vector v in the second quadrant in component form if v makes an angle of 6 2T/3 with the positive r-axis and |v 5. Find |a-b| if a 1-2]+k and b-31+2k Practice problems: (10.3) 1-9, 13-19 (odds) Hand in: 6. Find a b. a) a b) a 31-k, b i+j+5k 7. Find the angle between a (2, 1,-2) and b (0, -4,4).

ignore the practice problems

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