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Question: im having issues with a simple program that works correctly...

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I'm having issues with a simple program that works correctly, but I have to submit it to Zybooks which runs several tests on it and gave me a 2/10. I posted a picture of what tests I passed and which failed and I pasted my program below. Any help will be much appreciated!

1: TestStoreClassname Test that class name is stored and capitalized in info array first index. Test feedback Info array does not contain capitalized class name in first index 2: TestStoreClassLocation Test that class location is stored in info array second index. 3: TestStoreClassSize Test that class size is stored in info array third index. 4: TestStoreNumberSections 0/3 Test that number of sections is calculated correctly and stored in info array fourth index Info array does not contain correct number of sections in fourth index. Test feedback 5: TestPlannerT○String 0/4 Tests the planner class toString Planner class tostring is incorrect. Make sure you replicate the format Test feedback

public class Planner
* The maximum number of students that may be enrolled in a single section.
* Use this and the number of students enrolled in the class to calculate
* then number of sections needed for the class.
private static final int MAX_SECTION_SIZE = 20;

* This stores the data for the class in the following order:
* info[0] = class name (capitalized)
* info[1] = class location
* info[2] = number of students
* info[3] = number of sections needed
private String[] info;

* Constructor for Planning class. The constructor takes in an input
* string, breaks it up, and then stores the pieces into the class
* variable info. It also does a minor calculation to fill in info[3].
* The class name must be capitalized when it is stored.
* The number of sections is equal to the ceiling of (NumStudents/MAX_CLASS_SIZE)
* @param input A String containing information about the class. The input
* will always be String of 4 elements separated by commas of the form:
* "ClassName,ClassLocation,NumStudents"
public Planner(String input)
//TODO: split input (look at String.split()) and store necessary information in the info array.
String[] in = input.split(",");
int numStudents = Integer.parseInt(in[2]);
int sections;
if (numStudents % MAX_SECTION_SIZE == 0)
sections = numStudents / MAX_SECTION_SIZE;
sections = numStudents / (MAX_SECTION_SIZE + 1);
input = input + "," + Integer.toString(sections);
info = input.split(",");

* Getter method for the info array.
* @return information
public String[] getInfo()
// TODO: return info array
   return info;

* This is the toString method. It overrides the default toString method
* to print out the information in the desired format.
* @return The string representation of the Planning object. The string is of the
* format:
* "CLASS: (className), LOCATION: (classLocation), ENROLLED: (numberStudents), SECTIONS: (numberSections)"
* Replace the parenthesized section with the stored values. e.g.
* if the class name is "CS2334", the first part of the string is "CLASS: CS2334"
* Make sure that all spaces and punctation are replicated exactly.
public String toString()
//TODO: construct and return correct string.
   return String.format("CLASS: " + info[0].toUpperCase() + ", LOCATION: " + info[1] + ", ENROLLED: " +
info[2] + ", SECTIONS: " + info[3]);

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