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Question: im having trouble coding this as a function in c...

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Im having trouble coding this as a function in C. I have a bit of an idea how to do it normally but have no idea how to do it as a function. Please help ASAP.

Code the following functions using NON-RECURSIVE ITERATION test them by calling them from a simple interactive main menu with different values; For each function write both function PROTOTYPE and DEFINITION for every function. 2. Function fun2(n) is defined as follows: 3. Fibonacci(n) - Fibonacci(n-1) Fibonacci(n-2); Where n is a positive integer n0 and Fibonacci(1)1; Fibonacci(0) - 0; 4. The gretest common divisor gcd(x,y) where gcd(x, y) = x, if y:0 otherwise gcd(x, y) -gcd(y, x MOD y), İf y 〉 0 5. The function Power(a,b), where Power (2,4)2 2 * 2 * 2 6. A function to display (print) that displays all the positive integers that are less than the value of n and divdisable by m, where m < n each line until it displays a line with n *s. Example: DrawTriangle(4) would display: 7. DrawTriangle(n) Would display one * on the first line, then one more k*

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