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Question: im stumped on 67911...

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I’m stumped on 6,7,9,11

Exercise 0.2.6: Is y= sinta solution to (gy-1-y? Justify Exercise 0.2.7: Let y+2y-8y 0. Now try a solution of the form y constant r. Is this a solution for some r? If so. find all such r e for some (unknown) Exercise 0.2.8: Verify that x-Ce-2 is a solution to x--2x. Find C țo solve for the initial condition x(0) = 100. Exercise 0.2.9: Verify that x Cet + Ce is a solution to x--2x-o. Find Ci and C2 to solve for the initial conditions x(0)-10 and x (0) 0. Exercise 0.2.10: Find a solution to (xy+4 using your knowledge of derivatives of functions that you know from basic calculus. Exercise 0.2.11: Solve: dA a)10A, A(0) 5 dH d, dx b) 3H, H(0) # 1 dx2
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