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Check my work mode : This shows what is correct or incorrect for the work you have completed so far. t does not i Return to question GL0301-Based on the FastForward Company LO A1, P1, P3 The unadjusted trial balance of the FastForward Company as of December 31, 15 points 2017 is found on the trial balance tab. The following information is required to prepare the necessary adjusting entries for the FastForward Company found in chapter 3 ) The balance in Prepaid insurance represents a 24-month policy that went into effect on December 1,2017. Review the unadjusted 2) Based on a physical count, supplies on hand total $8,670. Review the unadjusted balance in Supplies, and prepare the necessary 3) The equipment is expected to have an 5-year useful ife rand be worth about $8,000 at the end of five yeers. Review the unadjusted 4) On December 26, the client paid a $3,000 60-day fee in advance, covering December 27 to February 24. Review the unadjusted 5) Fa balance in Prepaid insurance, and prepare the necessary adjusting entry, if any. adjusting entry, if any. lated depreciation, and prepare the adjusting entry to record the monthly depreciation, if any. balance in Une Consulting Revenue, and prepare the necessary adjusting entry, if any ards employee earns $70 per day for a five-day workwe ek beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. The employee was last paid on Friday, December 26. Review the unadjusted balance in Salaries expense, and prepare the necessary adjusting entry, if any. 6) In the second week of December, FastForward agreed to provide 30 days of consulting services to a local fitness club for a fixed fee of $2,700. The terms of the initial agreement call for FastForward to provide services from December 12. 2017, through January 10, 2018, or 30 days of service. The club agrees to pay FastForward $2,700 on January 10. 2018, when the service period is complete Review the unadjusted balance in Consulting revenue, and prepare the necessary adjusting entry, if any 3 Answer is not complete. General a Balance statementEarnings St Retained amount as a negative value. Net income before 10f 1 Next> くPrev
General points Impact on value. Net income beforeImpact on income
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