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In 2004 a California woman named Lisa Torti was in a vehicle with her friend Alexandra Van Horn when they were involved in a car accident that was not their fault. Lisa, upon seeing what she thought was smoke, grabbed Alexandra and quickly pulled her out of the vehicle and away from danger. Alexandra had a severe spinal injury and later sued Lisa for moving her away from the smoking vehicle (and thereby causing more spinal injury).

Many states have laws that prevent bringing lawsuits against a “good samaritan” who is attempting to help you. However, in 2008 a California court ruled 4-3 that Alexandra’s lawsuit against Lisa was justified and could continue.

Assuming Lisa was in fact negligent in moving her friend from the vehicle, discuss your opinion on whether cases like this should be allowed to be brought. Under what circumstances should a “good samaritan” be allowed to be sued?

Explain your answer in 2 or more paragraphs. Then review a few of your classmates posts and give a substantive response to one of them with a paragraph.

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