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In c++2 include <vector> 4 using nanospaco std; 0 int main() Objectives Familarize the student wtth vectors - creating themc vectors - fillin them wtth values: printing on screen int t1- t5, 4, , 1, 2H vector int> vi(t, tt s): vector int> v2( vectorcint> suns(i.size) int x Scenario 14 for (unsupred ǐ ー0; í 《 v1.size(); ++1) Fill In the blanks in the program. Atter this test your program with all Input values. Your version of the program must print the same result as the expected output. cout くく suis: -; for (int sum:sum) 17 Example input 20 Example output suirns: 777GB Example input Example output Conaolu

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