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1 include <vector> Objectives 4 using nanespace std Farniliarize the studenit with: S 1nt nain) vertors- creating them; vector <float v(5): ectors-filling them with values: e printing on screcn. retumm Scenario Wrtte a propram that takes one fioating-point number and areates a vector with fve float values: givern rimher; . given unber 5 . gven numbcr i 05: e atven number 23 . alwen number+4.7 After this print the sum of the vector elements and the average value (sumvector size). Your version of the program must print the same result as the expected output. Try to keep your prograrn short. Example input Example output surn: 17.5 avg 35 Console Example input Example output surm 185avg: 3.7

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