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In c++Scenario 3 includo <string Aurme you are writirng surrve sirriple fware for arn AIM. Yau mst stare the values af money of each denomination. For this program, we ถึ5urne that the machine stores only hanknates of values 10, 2o, 50 100 and 200. 6 usine nanaspac std; 8 int nain() Create an object tor each type of banknote and store two values In It the banknote value and how many banknotes are stored. Store those objects in a vector (its best to use an initialization list). Then input two integer values and check if the ATM has enough money to withdraw this amount of money (both of them one after the other ur code 12 Starting alues for all types of banknotrs: 10-5 20 6 50-3 100-4 200 S Possible arswers (ore for bath values Fnough maney. * Not cnough moncy. . Incorrect amount of money. -I.c.. If the amount is not a multiple of ten Your version ot the program must print the same result as the expected output for all iven input. Censole Example input 17 12 Example output Incorrect amount of money. Incorrect amount of money. Example input

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