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  3. in c create an employee class that includes the following...

Question: in c create an employee class that includes the following...

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​​​​​​​In C#

  1. Create an Employee class that includes the following variables:

        private string fullname;

        private string address;

        private string city;

        private string state;

        private string zip;

        private double hours;

Create a constructor and properties for each instance variable.

Create a form to allow an end user to enter data into the Employee object. Override the ToString() method to show the values stored in the object. Create a submit button to construct the Employee object with the form field data. Ensure that the hours textbox accepts only Double values. When the user clicks the Submit button, the program should display a Message Box with the output of the ToString() method.

2. Create a Windows application that contains two textboxes 9with labels) and one button. The textboxes should be used to allow the user to input the x- and y- coordinates to indicate where the form should be positions. When the user clicks the button, the window should be moved to that new point. Be sure to labels the textboxes appropriately. Change the form’s background color. Add a title caption to the form. Include a heading above the textboxes and button. Enlarge the size of the font. Only allow positive integers to be used for the coordinates.

Hint One easy way to do this is to set the location using an instance of the Point class when the user clicks the button. To do this, you could allow the user to input values for both x and y into two separate textbox objects. After being retrieved, they would need to be parsed or converted to their integer equivalent. Then use the numeric values for x and y to set the location by typing Location = new Point(x,y);.

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