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In C++ Language, please

CSC 1230 Problem Solving and Programming Homework #3 - Due: Friday, January 25, 2019 main.cpp and screen shots posted to Canvas by 6:00pm Analysis and Design on paper in class or under my door by 6:00pm A company builds chain link fences, whose cost depends on the length and height of the fence and the number of gates Gates are 3 feet wide and cost $20 per foot of height (for example, a gate for a 4-foot high fence would cost $80). Each linear foot of chain-link fencing costs $5 times the height of the fence. For example, 1 foot of 4-foot high fencing costs 20 (4 feet height times $5 per foot of height). 2 linear feet of this 4-foot high fence is 2x 4x $5, or $40 Since most fences enclose rectangles wish to fence in, the height of fence desired, and the number of gates. Your program should then determine and output the amount of chain link fencing needed and the number of gates ordered; the costs for the chain link fencing and the gate(s); and the total cost. (Be careful to not charge them for gated areas twice!) We arent going to worry about labor costs or sales tax right now, so the total is simply the cost for the fencing plus the cost of the gates KEY REMINDERS and NOTES: the user will enter the length and width of the area they Sketch (at least) your analysis and design BEFORE you write any code! This doesnt have to be super-neat, but must show that you thought through the problem before writing your C+solution. You will hand this in to me on paper Choose good camelCase variable names; follow program layout style like that of the zyBook. Avoid magic numbers by creating named constants (const) using the best ALL_UPPERCASE names you can for these values. Hint:I used 3 const in my solution Be sure to welcome the user and prompt them for input using a cout to explain every cin. Be sure that your output is well-explained. AND grammar and spelling count in all cout statements! You should be able to use all whole numbers for your input, calculations and output. That will keep you from having to worry about decimal-point formatting for now. Your output prices must include a $ with their description (nothing fancy here: just include a character in a cout) Dont forget to include the program header (your name, date, etc.) in your code ADVICE Dont try to code EVERYTHING at once. You might want to focus first on making sure your program can read in the inputs. THEN you can try doing the processing but not worrying too much (yet) about what the output looks like. THEN add the touches that a user of your program would like to see in well-documented and laid-out output. TO HANDINİ 1 Your Analysis and Design-paper copy submitted in class OR under my door 2. Your code (main.cpp-uploaded to Canvas under HW #3 3. Output windows saved in a Word.docx (or other type of doc...as long as I can open it) also uploaded to Canvas for running your program with this data RUN #1-) 50 x 80 backyard with a 4 fence and 2 gates RUN #220 x40 play area with a 5 fence and 1 gate RUN#3-) 85 x 100 yard with an 8 fence and 3 gates

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