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Question: in com red r seed color is doeninant to white...

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In com, red (R) seed color is doeninant to white (r) seed color, and smoothness (S) is dominant to wrinkled () seed. Observe the cobs of com derived from a cross between parents having genotypes RRSS and rss. Question 3 a. What is the expected genotype for the F, generation b. Will all F, offspring (seeds) have the same genotype Objec y the en Question 4 a What are the predicted genotypes for the F2 (ie. second) generation genes. ation a b. In what ratio will they occur ed 6 by C per lat nt larg number of kernels for five rows for each of the following phenotypes Red, amooth Red, wrinkled_ White, smooth_ White, wrinkled__ 4. To test your prediction in Question 4 count the conci the p at (1 Question 5 a. What are the genotypes of the Fi generation hat o ar ga How did your data compare with those that you predicted? b. gat ort ror
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