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Question: in dexter and kerry cattle animals may be polled hornless...

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In Dexter and Kerry cattle, animals may be polled (hornless) or horned. The Dexter animals have short legs, whereas Kerry animals have long legs. When many offsprings were obtained from matings between polled Kerrys and horned Dexters, half were found to be polled Dexters and half polled Kerrys. When these two types of F1 cattle were mated to one another, the following F2 data were obtained: 3/8 polled Dexters 3/8 polled Kerrys 1/8 horned Dexters 1/8 horned Kerrys A geneticist was puzzled by these data and interviewed farmers who had bred these cattle for decades. She learned that Kerrys were true breeding. Dexters, on the other hand, were not true breeding and never produced as many offsprings as Kerrys. Based on this, what will be the result from a mating between two F1 polled Dexters? O1/2 polled Dexters, 1/4 polled Kerrys, 1/6 horned Dexters, and 1/12 horned Kerrys 3/4 polled Dexters and 1/4 polled Kerrys 1/4 polled Dexters, 1/4 polled Kerrys, 1/4 horned Dexters, and 1/4 horned Kerrys 2/3 polled Dexters and 1/3 horned Dexters 3/8 polled Dexters, 1/8 polled Kerrys, 3/8 horned Dexters, and 1/8 horned Kerrys 9/16 polled Dexters, 3/16 polled Kerrys, 3/16 horned Dexters, and 1/16 horned Kerrys Submit AnswerIncorrect. Tries 1/2 Previous Tries

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