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Question: in diet amp wellness plus you will create the below...

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In Diet & Wellness Plus you will create the below profile and add the foods below. You will then pull Reports and answer the questions.

Topic: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)

Menu: Sample 2,000 calorie menu (from MyPlate)

DWP Reports Used

Intake vs. Goals

MyPlate Analysis

Go to Diet & Wellness Plus and create the following profile for Reuben Ward.

Birth Date: May 7, 1998 (Note: adjust the date of birth on this assignment so that Reuben is 19 years old when you deploy the assignment.)

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft, 8 inches

Weight: 205 lbs

Non-Smoker, Non Strict Vegetarian/Vegan

Activity Level: Sedentary

Go to Track Diet and enter the following foods for a Sample 2,000 Calorie Food Pattern.


Tortilla, Flour (1 item, Medium, approx. 6 in. diameter)

Eggs, Fried (1 item - Large egg)

Beans, Black, Boiled (0.5 cups)

Salsa (2 tablespoons)

Grapefruit, Pink or Red (0.5 cup)

Tea, Prepared (8 fluid ounces)


Bread, 100% Whole Wheat (2 slices - 3 ¾ in. x 5 in. x ½ in.)

Deli Meat, Chicken Breast, Oven Roasted, Fat Free, Sliced (2 slices)

Cheese, Mozzarella, Part Skim Milk (1 ounce)

Tomatoes, Red (0.5 items, Medium whole 2 3/5 in. diameter)

Lettuce, Romaine, Shredded (0.25 cups, shredded)

Sauce, Barbecue (2 tablespoons)

Potato Salad (0.5 cups)

Watermelon (2 cups diced)

Milk, Non Fat Skim or Fat Free (8 fluid ounces)


Salmon, Atlantic, Wild, Raw (4 ounces)

Juice, Lemon (2 teaspoons)

Oil, Olive (1 tablespoon)

Beet Greens, Boiled, Drained (0.5 cup – 1 in. pieces)

Quinoa, Cooked (1 cup)

Milk, Non Fat Skim or Fat Free (8 fluid ounces)

Evening Snack

Almonds, Honey Roasted, Unblanched (0.25 cups – whole kernels)

Cantaloupe (1.5 cups cubed)

Go to Reports and generate an Intake vs. Goals report and a MyPlate Analysis report to help answer the following questions.

1. The DRI for calcium for 19-30 year old males is 1,000 mg. How does the amount of calcium in this 2,000-calorie menu compare to the DRI?

a. There is half as much calcium in the menu as the DRI

b. There is exactly as much calcium in the menu as the DRI

c. There is no calcium in this menu

d. There is more calcium in the menu than the DRI

2. This 2,000-calorie menu meets or exceeds Reuben’s DRI for all of the following, EXCEPT:

a. Vitamin D

b. Folate (DFE)

c. Vitamin A (IU)

d. Vitamin C

3. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for sodium is 2,300 mg. How does Reuben's intake from this 2,000-calorie menu compare to the UL for sodium?

a. He ate 989 mg sodium less than the UL

b. He ate 1789 mg sodium more than the UL

c. He ate 989 mg sodium more than the UL

d. He ate 1789 mg sodium less than the UL

4. Reuben's dietary fiber intake from this one-day 2,000 calorie menu fell short of his DRI of 38 grams dietary fiber. How many more grams of fiber would he have needed to eat to meet his dietary fiber DRI?

a. 3 g

b. 5 g

c. 0.5 g

d. 1 g

5. The Daily Values (DV) on the Nutrition Facts panel of a food label differ from the DRIs. The DV for total fat for a 2,000-calorie diet is 65 g total fat. With Rueben’s one day intake in this menu, how did his fat intake compare to the DV?

a. He ate half the DV for fat

b. He ate double the DV for fat

c. He ate exactly the DV for fat

d. He ate about 10 g more fat than the DV

6. How does Reuben's iron intake on this 2,000-calorie diet menu compare to his DRI?

a. He almost doubled the amount of iron he needs

b. He ate exactly as much iron as he needs

c. He ate 59% of the amount of iron he needs

d. He ate 125% of the amount of iron he needs

7. Which MyPlate food groups did Reuben meet or exceed his servings for on this 2,000-calorie diet menu?

a. Dairy and Grains

b. Fruits and Protein

c. Vegetables and Empty Calories

d. Grains and Vegetables

8. According to the MyPlate Analysis report, empty calories should exceed no more than 395 calories for someone like Reuben. How many empty calories did Reuben consume on this 2,000-calorie diet menu?

a. 205 empty calories

b. 287 empty calories

c. 147 empty calories

d. 663 empty calories

9. The MyPlate Analysis report generates data for Reuben based on a 2892 calorie pattern. At this level, how many oz equivalents of grains does MyPlate say Reuben should be eating per day?

a. 6 oz. eq.

b. 8 oz. eq.

c. 12 oz. eq.

d. 10 oz. eq.

10. The MyPlate Analysis report includes goals to help "Vary Your Veggies!" How many Dry Beans & Peas should Reuben aim to eat weekly?

a. 8 cups weekly

b. 7.5 cups weekly

c. 2.5 cups weekly

d. 4.5 cups weekly

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