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In electron is accelerated as it it passed through a charged electode strucure. Specifically, through a cathode ray tube (CTR) . In CTR, electrons are emitted at one end of an evacuated glass tube and are detected by their interation with a phosphorus screen on the other end. Inside the tube the electrons pass between two sets of oppositely charged parallel plates: one set oriented horizontally, and another oriented vertically. 1. Use kinematics to determine the position and direction of the electron as it enters the region between the deflection plates and when it leaves that region. Write down an election giving the electron's change in position as it emerges from the deflecting plates. Write another equation giving the electron's direction. 2. Write down an equation giving the position of the electron when it hits the screen. Use the deflection distance from each region to write an expression for the total deflection during the electron's motion through all regions of the CRT. 3. Examine your equations giving the electron's position at the screen. You know the total deflection in terms of the accelerating voltage, length of the deflecting plate region, distance from the plates to the screen, separation distance of the plates, and potential difference across the plates. Do you have enough equations to solve for the unknowns? If so, solve your equations algebraically for the deflection of an electon. If not, write down additional equations that relate some of the unknown quantities to your equations to quantities you know. 4. Complete your solution by using the actual numbers that describe your situation.

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