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In Experiment 1, you will study a mechanical mass-spring-damper system, consisting of a low friction cart rolling on a track. A physical model of the system is shown in the figure below. An optical encoder (digital) is used to measure the position x of the cart on the track. The displacement x is measured from equilibrium. Force sensors (analog) are used to measure the forces in the springs. Although the cart is termed low friction by the manufacturer, damping still occurs during the movement of the cart on the track. You will study the free response of the system, ie, the response of the system to initial conditions only. :m2 Pre-Lab for Experiment 1 1) 12 points Derive an ordinary differential equation (equation of motion) for the simplified mass-spring-damper system shown in the figure above. Assume the body is rigid and that the springs are massless and linearly elastic. Use the following parameters for the masses and springs: Spring 1, k1: 70 N/m Spring 2, k2: 80 N/m Mass of the cart, m: 0.61 Kg Additional mass, m2: 0.52 kg Assume that the damping can be modeled as an ideal damper where the damping force ft-ci. For this Pre-Lab, assume that the damping coefficient is c = 0.20 N s/m. You will evaluate this assumption when you do the experiment.
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