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Please submit your answer in a single text file with any identifying information removed. If your solution uses multiple files, please combine them into a zip file. You may write this in any programming language of your choice. You may use any standard library functions you want. This problem is a kind of code minimizer/compressor. It takes an input string and replaces identifiers with shorter ones. You will write a function that takes as input a string containing source code and finds and replaces duplicate identifiers and returns the resulting string. You do not need to handle file input/output. For the purposes of this exercise an identifier is a string of letters (only. For example, alice is a single identifier while jump4joy is the identifier jump, the non-identifier 4 and a second identifier joy The second and subsequent times each identifier appears it is replaced by a dollar sign and a number which is the index of the first appearance of that identifier, counting the first identifier as 0, the next as 1, etc. Anything that is not an identifier is output as is and you do not need to parse the non-identifier parts. For example: minimize(you say yes, I say no you say stop and I say go go go) -> you say yes, I $1 no $0 $1 stop and $3 $1 go $12 $12 As the example illustrates, this doesnt necessarily make things shorter as the single character identifier I in this example is replaced with two characters $3. And its not really a code minimizer either, because the result wont be valid code. As you will see in the larger example below, the replacements are made even inside comments and strings (which a real minimizer probably wouldnt do). Thats because the code does not look at the non-identifier characters and doesnt know about quotes and comment markers. Whitespace is preserved because it treats space characters like any other non-identifier character: theyre left unchanged If you believe there are problems with (or details left out of) the above requirements, please add a note describing the problems, and how you recommend resolving the problem Heres a larger example: Function to chop a string in half public static string chop (string input) f (inputnul input.isEmpty) return input; if (input.|ength() % 2-1)( return cannot chop an odd-length string in half return input.substring (input.length0/ 2); Function to chop a string in half public static $4 $2($4 input) if ($12null $12.isEmptyO) return $12; $.13 ($12.length() % 2-1) { $18 cannot $2 an odd-$22 $4 $5 $6 $18 $12.substring($12.$220/ 2);

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