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Question: in java 80 or greater please...

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2.1 Die (10 marks) la our game, each turn begins with the roll of die. In oeder to suppon this elemem of the game, you must create the class Die. . A die stores an imeger value in the range 1 to 6, inclasively ·The class Die declares a single constructor, which has no parameters. The constructor initializes the value of this die with a random number in the appropeiate range The accessor, getValue, returns the current value of the die. The method roll randomly assigns a new value to this die. Hint: you can use an object of the class java.util.Random to generme pscudorandom numbers The method toString returns a String representation of this object. The expected format is shown bekow. Finally, the elass Die declares a constant called MAXVALUE with value 6. Make sure that the visibelity is public and the variable is immutable Here is a terse example showing the intended use: Systen out printlnd getValue 0) 5Systen out printlnd. getVelse ) Systen out-printind Line 1 od the above program declares a reference variable of type Die. Line 2 creates an object of the class Die and stores its reference in the reference variable d. Line 3 prints the current value of the die. Line 4 calls the method roll of the object designated by d. Line 3 prints the curvens value of the die. Finally. Line &, the method printin implicialy calls the method teString of the object designated by d and prints the result. Since the values are randomly generated, each run is likely to produce a difterent result. Here is the resulh of a possible run. Die value:3

in java 8.0 or greater please

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