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Question: in my visual basic class we are covering the basics...

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In my visual basic class we are covering the basics of objects and object arrays. We are making an inventory tracker that lets you create an object and add it to the array of objects and lets you traverse through the array with the buttons "<<" for previous and ">>" for next. The buttons should not work when trying to go less than 0 in index OR greater than the last index. When you hit the "Add new" button, it should hide the options to change between indexes and the "Add new" button, but should display new buttons "Save" and "Cancel." The Save button should create a new object in the array with the filled in boxes of information(which for this case will always be filled in when adding new). The cancel should clear the boxes, hide the cancel and save buttons, and again display the "<<", "Add New", and ">>" buttons. After the first item is input, the page should show the first indexed item with the information not editable and grayed out, but visible. All of the items should be visible and not editable after being added. This should all be done on one form too. Public Class fralist Dim strManufacturer As String Die strProcessor As String Dim strvideo As Strine Dim strforn As String Din strRAM As String Dim strvRAM As String Din strHD As String Din binkireless As Boolean IT Inventory Tracker-Item Form Class Item End Class RAM: GB Private Sub btnadd Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs, iten As Item) Handles btnAdd Click btnSave.VisibleTrue btnCancel.Visible True btnAdd.Visible False btnPrevious.Visible-False btnNext.Visible False Video: VRAM: Bytes Wireless? HD: Private Sub btnSave Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnSave.Click strManufacturer txtManufacturer.Text strvideo txtvideo.Text strforn txtForn. Text strRAMtxtRAM.Text strVRAM txtVRAM.Text strHD txtHDText Add New Inventory ltern End Sub Save Cancel Private Sub btncancel click(sender As object, e As EventAres) Handles btnCancel.click btnSave.visible False btnCance1.Visible-False btnAdd.visible True btnPrevious.visibleTrue btnNext.VisibleTrue End Sub

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