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Question: in t 690 k p2 136 bar t3 1580 k...

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in T, 690 K P2= 13.6 bar T3 1580 K 3 P3 = 13 bar Combustor 2 Gas turbine Compressor Turbine as 147 MW T,-300 K P1 bar 4 T4-900 K P4 = 1 bar Air inlet Exhaust T5 = 400 K Ps1 ba T,-520°C 7 P7 = 100 bar Heat exchanger Turbine Steam cycle Po-P7 n, 85% wvap Pump Condenser out η,-80% P9 P0.08 bar A combined gas turbine-vapor power plant operates as shown in Figure. Pressure and temperature data are given at principal states, and the net power developed by the gas turbine is 147 MW. Using air-standard analysis for the gas turbine, determine (a) the net power, in MW, developed by the power plant. (b) the overall thermal efficiency of the plant (c) the exergetic efficiency of the plant Stray heat transfer and kinetic and potential energy effects can be ignored

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