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Question: in the below figure vs is a dc voltage source...

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In the below figure, Vs is a DC voltage source and Vs-48V. S is a switch and is closed at t-0. R is a resistor and R-62. A conductor (the sliding conductor in the figure) can slide along the two rails. The rails can conduct current and the resistance of the conductor and the rails are neglected. The distance between the two rails, L, is 0.25m. The rails and the conductor are placed in a magnetic field. whose flux density (B) is 0.5T. The magnetic f . A force, f, is exerted on the eld is perpendicular to the paper and coming into the paper sliding conductor by an external device and the force points to the left Rails t-0 Sliding Conductor Fig. 1 (1) If force f-0.5N, find the direction and value of the velocity of the sliding conductor at steady-state. (2) If force f is changed to a different value but still points to the same direction, so that the sliding conductor is moving to the right with a speed of 96m/s, find the value of the force.

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