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Question: in the examination of which of the following general ledger...

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In the examination of which of the following general ledger accounts will tests of controls be particularly appropriate?

Select one:




Bank charges


Loans payable




Which of the following is not an assurance engagement?

Select one:


A review of historical financial information


An audit of the effectiveness of internal control


A consulting engagement to help an organisation meet its tax obligations


A performance audit


An auditor most likely would make enquiries of production and sales personnel concerning possible obsolete or slow-moving inventory to support management's account balance assertion of

Select one:




rights and obligations




accuracy, valuation and allocation


Following is a list of engagements that an assurance provider may undertake:

I) compiling financial reports

II) agreed-upon procedures

III) review of interim financial information

For which of these engagements is assurance not provided?

Select one:


I only


II only


III only


I and II only


Mango Ltd.’s directors voted immediately after the year-end of 30 June 2020 to triple its advertising budget for the coming year and authorised a change in advertising agencies. What is the effect of this event on the 30 June 2020 financial report?

Select one:


Disclosure by means of supplemental, pro-forma financial information


Disclosure in a footnote to the financial report.


No disclosure or adjustment necessary


Adjustment of the financial report

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