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In the Individual Project from Unit 4, you were tasked to identify 4 vulnerabilities for various network assets. Discuss the following: Discuss the vulnerabilities, and consolidate the list of vulnerabilities and assets. Rank the top 6 most vulnerable assets. Review the 4 controls/policies for each group member from the Unit 4 Discussion Board assignment. Pick 4, one from each of the areas (Entity, Network, Operating Systems, and Web/Databases). Decide as a group why each was chosen. Create a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation (speaker notes per slide) on the following: Simulate an audit of the information systems. Describe how the team would approach an audit of the 6 assets against the controls from the group project discussion. Describe the types of tests that would be performed and any anticipated findings that could arise based on the climate described to this point for PVSS.

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