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Question: in the picture there are three questions please answer question...

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In the picture there are three questions. Please answer question what the correct answer (letter).

You can create a database diagram for 1) up to 3 tables in a database 2) just the tables in a one-to-many relationship e 3) just the related tables in a database 4) any combination of the tables in a database Question 5 (1 point) If you try to move a database file thats attached to a server, youll get an error message t indicates the file is in use. To get around this, you need to the server. tothe database f 1) delete 2) disconnect 3) remove 4) detach Question 6 (1 point) In Management Studio,if you want to modify a column, or view more detailed information about the columns in a table, what tool would you use? I) Query Editor 2) Object Explorer 3) Table Designer 4) Database Attacher Question 7 (1 point) A graphical tool that you can use to start and stop the database server is called what? 1) SQL Server Management Studio 2) sQL Server Configuration Manager 3) Object Explorer 4) Table Designer Question 8 (1 point) When using the Query Designer. you can sort the sequence for the query in the

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