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in the production of hormone known ast and deficiency of this hormone con result in a disease called 23An element that contribute to plants growth is 24 The smaller portion of an element that retains its chemical prosperities is called ーー25 -. Is atom visible under a light microscope? (26: True or False). The components of atom tiny particle of matter is known as the3 compose of the following28 protons and neutrons are found in the 31 27and they 29and In an atom, while the electrons are found in the 32around the atomic nucleus. The electrons have no fix locations, but move rapidly through the empty spaces surrounding the atomic nucleus (33: True or False). he chart that depicts the organization of the elements is called 34 elements that make up the 96% and the 4% of the mass engage in important biological functions 35: True or False). In human, When two or more elements combine in a fixed ration they form a substance known as and ;and it also called 42Generally, 43 of an 37 . An example of a compound is一一7, Each element, a fix number of In general, 39 protons found their atomic nucleus is called 38In 40determine the atomic mass of an element and the atomic mass is expressed41 of an atom is a number that indicates how much matter that atom contains compare with another atom and it the combination of the numbers of protons plus the numbers of neutrons
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