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In this assigmument youll create a 5-bit dec module. (a) (40 points) Create a design for a 5-bit decrement by 3 module. The requirements are shown in the list below » Accepts a 5-bit unsigned input, A Produces a 5-bit unsigned output, F Output for inputs 0, 1, and 2 decimal are dont care Output reflects the input minus 3 The top-level module name shall be hw3.dec3 You may chose to implement your design in any way that weve covered in class. Specifically, as gate level structural for the flattened design (think K-map simplif cation to equations) or structurally implementing a hierarchical design (think the 4-bit adder we created). In either case, the design is to be entirely structural, instantiations of built-in primitive gates or blocks that youve created. Document your design in its entirety. Le. show me the drawn hierarchy or the K-maps with Boolean simplification, etc. In the end you should have a schematic

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