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Question: in this assignment you are asked to implement a survey...

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In this assignment you are asked to implement a survey web page where users can log in with their credentials to a secure web page and take a survey of your choice, (i.e., which pop star are you?). To that end, first, your script should display login and registration form to get the user’s username and password if they already sign in, if not they should sign in for a new user. After logging in, a PHP session should be opened for that specific login or registration. In this session, you will display another form which includes the survey. Your script should terminate the session after the submission of the survey. At the end of the survey, before exiting, it should dump all the survey responses to a DataBase ( The database should hold all the user name and password and what they did in the survey) You should create an admin user with the user name: Admin, password: 1234. The admin only can see the usernames and passwords and what is the result when they answer the survey.  

Note: The design should be very simple and don't forget when the user finishes the survey they will be able to log out.

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