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In this exercise, can you help me to articulate what you value and why you value it.

Imagine that there is a sinking ship, and you have to decide how to prioritize the rescue efforts. There are escape pods, but you are not sure how many are available. Your job is to list the following 12 things, in the order of priority of getting on the escape pods. So, if there is one available, you want your number one to take that pod. If there are two available, you want your number one and number two to take those, etc. Rescue helicopters will arrive in mere minutes, so each pod is guaranteed to make it to safety. Finally, assume for the sake of the exercise that each item on the list takes up one and only one escape pod. Some of the items on the list are obviously much larger than others, but assume that each item takes up one space and there is no way for a pod to share the space or to otherwise interact with another pod. After you have prioritized your list, write a paragraph that explains why you prioritized the way you did.

Here's the list, in no particular order:

1. Intelligent healthy adult human

2. Mentally disabled adult human

3. Your pet dog, who is ten years old

4. Adult human in an irreversible coma (persistent vegetative state)

5. Koko the gorilla

6. Pig

7. Healthy seven year old child

8. Frozen healthy human embryo, suitable for implantation

9. Endangered cheetah

10. The only vial of an experimental but very promising AIDS vaccine

11. The original Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

12. Morally vicious healthy adult human

Finally, would your list change if you would have to worry about surviving together on some remote island while you await rescue? If so, how?

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