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In this problem, you are to analyze a waste stream leaving a metal fabrication facility.  The idea is to remove as much chromium as possible from a wastewater stream before dumping it into a waste lagoon.   Treatment Unit mi m2 To Waste Lagoon ms

Specifically, you are to analyze a treatment unit that is used to remove chromium from a stream of wastewater. The wastewater stream in question (m1) contains 5.15 wt% chromium and the remainder water. You may assume that the treatment unit removes 95 wt% of all the chromium from the wastewater stream.   

The stream with the chromium (m4) goes on to another process, and the stream containing the extracted chromium (m5) is then fed to a waste lagoon.     

This particular unit, however, is only capable of processing 4500 kg/hr of wastewater. That is, m2 can be at most 4500 kg/hr. So, any amount of wastewater over 4500 kg/hr bypasses the processing unit (m3), mixes with the waste form the treatment unit (m5) and is dumped directly in the waste lagoon.

In this process, m1 is determined to be 6000 kg/hr and m4 is pure chromium.  Calculate the flow rate of liquid to the waste lagoon (m6) and the mass fraction of the chromium in this liquid.

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