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include float and double results

PART 4: ERROR PUZZLE I would like you to create code to calculate v2 using 100 terms of the power series from Part 3. compare your answer to the actual value given in Part 3 You will However, there is a little bit of a twist in this last part. First, I would like you to calculate a cumulative sum in order from the largest term to the smallest term in the power series. Then, I would then like for you to sum the values in the reverse order, by putting each term in the power series in an array with correct number of elements. You can then use a sum term that starts summing from the beginning of the array for the forward summation. You can compare this answer to the sum starting at the end of the array In theory you would think it should not make a difference which order you sum the values, but you should see a difference in the result. Please make sure your program shows the difference between the two. Also, please do this with float tvpes and then double ty Is there a difference between the two summation? Why do you think there would be a difference between these the forward and backward summations? In your Labl directory, please call your source code lab1part4.cc. Sample output of your program should look like Float Results forward approx <your value> forward %error-<your value> backward approx-<your value> backward %error-cyour value> Double Results forward approx <your value> forward %error-cyour value> backward approxyour value> backward %error-<your value>

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