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Information A balance chemical equation may be written as Let nio be the number of moles of component I present in Let E be defined as the extent of the reaction, After È moles of reaction there will be nA,o -af moles of A in the container. r initially n have occurred the containet The rate of reaction is defined to be rate of reaction de At

Critical Thinking Questions S. How many moles of each of the components, (A,B,C.D) are present in the container after moles ofreaction have occurred? 6. Use your answer from CTO 5 to obtain an espression for de in terns of @a ans dnA 7. Use your answer from CTQ 6 to obtain an expression for af in tems of a and ds Exercises 1. Consider the reaction of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to form water. An experimental investigation of a reaction vessel in which this reaction was occurring showed that the tate of the loss of hydrogen at some time was 1.64x10 moles/h under certain conditions What is the rate of loss of oxygenin this vessel under these conditions? a. b. What is the rate of reaction under these conditions? 2. Indicate whether the following statement is true or false and explain your reasoning. The rate of a reaction is equal to the rate of consumption of each of the reactants

3. Consider the reaction taking place in Model 1. a. Provide a balanced chemical equation for the reaction b. Assuming that the reaction is taking place in a 1.00-liter solution, determine the rate of reaction, in M/s, based on the first 100 seconds.

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