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Information Technology and the Future Lab #1: Creating a Decision Support Tool In this hands-on work, you will use Excel to create a simple Decision Support System (DSS). You can learn more about these systems in your text. This class of system is needed when the decision is not structured. It supports decision makers at any level of management and can support several interdependent and/or sequential decisions. These systems can be adapted to changing conditions, are easy to construct and uses models and graphics. One of the most useful characteristics of these systems is the ability to conduct scenario, or “what-if” analysis. REQUIRED: • Select a problem for the DSS, and clearly define the problem • Determine a minimum of three (3) possible solutions or Courses of Action (COA). Each COA must be clearly defined. • Choose 5-10 criteria that will be used for the decision process. Each criterion must be defined. • Set a scale for each criterion ranging from 1-5. You must define the scale for each criterion (i.e. a ranking of 1 will be given when…). You may choose to use “1” as highest, or “5” as highest, just be consistent. • Weight each criterion for its importance to your decision. You must explain the rationale behind your weights. DELIVERABLES: • Lab Report: o Introduction to the problem o Discussion of the COAs that will solve the problem o The criteria used for decision making o The weights used for each criterion and the rationale behind those weights o The final decision you will make based on the results of your analysis • The spreadsheet solution (as a separate file)

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