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Inner City School will be 50 years old at the end of the year and planning is well under way for the intended celebrations. The planning committee has asked the school’s six Education Support Workers to plan a static display (a static display is one that may be on a wall or notice board, within shelving in the library or office foyer, or it may form part of a large display in the hall) that reflects the cultural diversity of the school and the local community, which is represented by 13 different cultures. In particular, the group has been asked to focus on cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication. You have Year 6 students at your disposal to assist in the planning.

a)    Describe how you would go about the planning process (a multicultural food day and dancing have already been planned)

b)    Decide what you will include in your static display – provide a rationale (rationale – to explain the basis or reasons for this display) to support your decision( just write the ideas you would put on poster: brainstorm)

c)   Describe where you might source or create information/posters, photographs, memorabilia etc. 

Note: You are not required to creat the display but you are required to provide details regarding planning and development of this display



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