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Instructions: Identify an issue at your company which needs to be solved. The issue can revolve around: A) A product sold by your company, OR B) A service offered by your company, OR C) General issue of the employees, or the facilities Administer a short survey with at least 20 people relevant to the issue. The participants of the survey should be able to help you provide solutions or recommendations to solve the issue. To collect the survey data, develop survey questions which should contain the demographic information (i.e. gender, age, race) and a number of questions sufficient to achieve the objective of solving the issue. Write a formal report of your investigation. The report should consist these items: 1. Title page 2. Terms of Reference 3. Acknowledgement 4. Table of Contents 5. List of Illustrations AND/OR Tables AND/or acronyms 6. The Introduction a. Background of the proposed report b. Objectives of the investigation 7. Data Collection Method a. Scope of the investigation b. Samples and Research Context c. Research Instrument d. Research Procedures 8. Findings and Discussion (present data based on the objectives) 9. Conclusion & Recommendations 10. Appendices Report Format Length:The report should be between 15 to 20 pages, excluding the title page and appendices Paper:Please use A-4 size paper with 1 margin for all sides. Printing: The report should be printed on one-side for all pages. The printing quality should be dark and clear Justification: The report should be justified on the right and left Font: The report should use Times New Roman and sized 12pt. Line-Spacing The text of the report should be printed in double-spaced O HUAWEnMate 2UP O LEICA TRIPLE CAMERA IA e report should have sequenced pagination throughout, xppendices. The page number should be at the bottom

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