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Instructions In this activity you will combine what you leaned about anatomical terminology in Unit 1 with what you are Activity 2 Using Anatomical Terminology toect analomal e correct learning about organs and organ systems in this unit. Describe Organ Locations uRT For each of the following organs, describe in CHART rect anatom have been supplied for you the chart below the organs location using cor- ical terminology, including the body cavities and applicable. Some answers Learning Outcomes 1. Describe the locations of selected organs using 2. Identity the body cavities in which selected organs are abdominopelvic regions where Materials Needed appropriate regional and directional terms ocated O Torso model of Location Using Correct Anatomical Terminology The brain ia located in the cranial cavity of the dorsal body cavity It is superior to the spinal cord Brain Heart Large intestine Lungs Ovary Pharynx Pituitary gland Skin Small intestine Spinal cord Spleen Stomach Testis Thyroid gland Trachea Ureter Urethra Urinary bladder Uterus 22 UNIT 2 Introduction to the Organ Systems
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