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International business IB210
DP of over USS1 trillion in 2014. This countries had a G 10 Fifteen co llworld GDP. In other words, the remaining 178 countries in the 74% es in the world of the overall make up only 26% of the world GDP TRUE FALSE term IP, means International Property. TRUE FALSE 11. The international business, ethical behavior can be defined as simply complying with the laws and regulations of each country in which one does business. TRUE 12. At least as regards international FALSE 13. While the definition of what is ethical in business does vary from one culture to another, the definition of what is true vs. false is universal and therefore does not vary TRUE FALSE 14. Nationalization of private industry by governments is never done voluntarily. TRUE FALSE 15. Many of Chinas largest companies (MNEs) are state-owned enterprises owned by their central government TRUE FALSE IL. MULTIPLE CHOICE: GENERAL (20 Points; 2 point/answer) . Basinesses that directly initiate and implement international business activity are known as a. facilitating firms b. focal firms c. multinational enterprises d. NGOs e. SMEs
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